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Our web-based property management software will streamline building operations with a focus on property risk management, tenant relations, and property maintenance.


Benefits of Property Management Solutions

We provide the best workflows to improve the way your team works. With inspections, maintenance routines, and more, you can expect better performance and maximum insight for your entire portfolio through our industry-leading software.

Easy-to-Use Mobile App

Easy-to-Use Mobile App

Our solutions offer multiple mobile apps for property managers to help improve workflow and facility operations. Assign and complete tasks, track what needs attention, and then watch those tasks get completed in real time as we feed data from the field into a central cloud-based platform.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Help your team stay on top of maintenance to increase equipment lifespan and performance. Perform preventative maintenance the right way to avoid costly and timely breakdowns while building an easy-to-follow audit log.

Inspection Solutions

Inspection Solutions

Ensure your property is safe and operating efficiently with a workflow that certifies that nothing will slip through the cracks. We help businesses promote safe and efficient building operations with workflows to ensure your assets are protected and compliance guidelines are met.

 Software to Choose From

Our Property Management Solutions

With over half a billion square feet utilizing our solutions, our software for commercial properties has a proven track record and can help your management team assign tasks, build processes and save time.

SiteCompli by Inhabit

Better Property Operations


SiteCompli is the leading work management software in the NYC property management space. With smart automation for workflows and a robust on-site inspection app, SiteCompli can offer maximum flexibility and more oversight, portfolio wide.

Electronic Tenant by Inhabit

Redefine the Tenant Experience

Electronic Tenant

As a full-stack platform including operations, communications, risk management, and marketing applications for the commercial market, our software focuses on helping property teams increase productivity and maximize building performance. Electronic Tenant has the proven capacity to substantially advance tenant attraction, satisfaction, and retention.

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What Customers Say

“SiteCompli is just taking on so much of what we used to do, and doing it better.”


Divya Rashad, Executive Vice President & Managing Director

Andrews Organization
“I am so completely satisfied with my dealings with Electronic Tenant® Solutions that I can unhesitatingly offer my recommendation.”


Mark Hazan, General Manager

Citigroup Center