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Solutions to Maximize Lease Compliance
Lease Compliance Software For The Residential Industry
Inhabit offers the preferred document management system for property management companies to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and simplify lease file audits.

Benefits of Lease Compliance Service

Leveraging a digital, automated document management system helps property management companies gain the ability to upload, manage, audit, and share files from any device reducing file transfer time by 80% while removing clutter and improving efficiency.

All-in-One Storage

All-in-One Storage

Our secure, cloud-based solutions offer the easiest way to store, manage, and retrieve files for your property management company.

Lease File Audit

Lease File Audit

Allow our systems to do file reviewing for you. Our software compares existing data in your system to find discrepancies of name misspelling, security deposits, rent costs, lease end dates, and more.

Move In/Out Inspection App

Move In/Out Inspection App

Utilize our mobile app to store move-out pictures in the cloud. Easily assign units to photos as they sync to our document management system ensuring all documentation is complete.

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Solutions for Residential Compliance

Inhabit offers software to keep your documents organized and maximize resident compliance. Our solutions provide secure data transfer, storage, backups and more.

ResidentIQ by inhabit

Lease File Audit

A powerful lease file audit service, the lease file audit services empower clients to schedule electronically created reporting with actionable data to drive lease file compliance and recapture missed revenue. Clients can easily access documents that are within the scope of lease file audits to update and correct discrepancies uncovered in the audit process. ResidentIQ provides a way to remove the frustration from your leasing staff while ensuring accuracy and reliability of records.

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ResidentIQ by inhabit

Lease Compliance

Stay ahead of lease compliance violations with our simple, yet complete solution designed to simplify legal actions. Property managers know ResidentIQ adds exceptional value with a streamlined way to manage lease compliance in your residential communities. We are proud to partner with residential property management companies across the nation to help manage rent delinquency while saving you time and money.

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What Customers Say

“…(ResidentIQ Lease File Audit) has been a great resource for our company. It has helped us in a number of ways that I could not have imagined. I have been able to access missing information from the courthouse when needed for an eviction hearing. I have been able to access and print leases when our copier was down. It has been great!”


Property Manager

Champions Crossing

“For the ‘not so tech savvy’, it [ResidentIQ Lease File Audit] is extremely user friendly and the support provided from Valence has been remarkable.”


Kristin Sizemore

Bohannon Development