Residential Property Management & Accounting Software

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Residential Property Management And Accounting Software
Inhabit offers appropriately sized solutions for PMCs with anywhere from 10 to 100,000+ units and beds. We recognize all property management companies have varying needs with different degrees of complexity, and we are ready with solutions to fit your assets, business, and workflow.
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Property Management Software Benefits

Take control of your portfolio with purpose-built software to address your property management and accounting needs. Track maintenance requests, residents, rent, and more all while enjoying award-winning support.

Cloud-Based Software

Cloud-Based Software

All our software solutions allow for cloud-based storage so you can quickly retrieve documents from any location. Reduce on-site paper storage and IT requirements with property management software that helps you stay organized and online.

Simplified Day-to-day

Simplified Day-to-day

Our software solutions allow for cloud-based storage so you can quickly retrieve documents from any location. Reduce on-site paper storage and IT requirements with property management software that helps you stay organized and online.

Right-Sized Solutions

Right-Sized Solutions

Finding property management software in your budget has never been easier. Inhabit offers right-sized solutions that match the size of your company and portfolio, so you know you are getting a scalable and cost-effective solution.

In-Depth Reporting

In-Depth Reporting

Our reporting features are customizable and will help you get a full in-depth view into how your properties are performing and to troubleshoot issues before they become a problem.


Our Residential Property Management Solutions

Choose from multiple property management software solutions that have the property staff and your asset types in mind. Our products are ideal for residential properties of all sizes and in a myriad of markets, and we offer them at competitive prices with a robust catalog of integrations to maximize value and ease of use.

ResMan by inhabit


Property management software designed for multifamily and affordable housing communities. Operate more efficiently, deliver more NOI, and grow and scale faster. ResMan is easy to learn and use, it provides unmatched visibility into all property-level to-dos and KPIs. It also streamlines and automates time-intensive processes and is supported by a team that’s committed to helping customers achieve their business goals. Thanks to our open API, clients can integrate any current specialty programs seamlessly with ResMan. It’s an ideal solution for mid to large market property management companies or those in the affordable housing sector.

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Property Boss by Inhabit
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An all-in-one property management software solution for multifamily, single-family, mixed-use properties, student housing, and more. Our software assists with everything from lead to lease, rent collection, work orders, inspections, collections, and more. PropertyBoss also offers a built-in accounting system and includes communication tools where you can email and text message from inside the system. Our system is well designed for growing property management companies in the single-family, multifamily and student markets, as well as homeowner associations.

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Shiftsuite by inhabit


Specializing in Canadian condo accounting and property management, the Shiftsuite ecosystem is specifically designed to help your team streamline processes and gain efficiency. Shiftsuite’s central database manages your entire condo portfolio. This allows your accounting and property management teams to collaborate on an integrated system, in a single, cloud-based database with real-time updates. Meet the online demands of today and tomorrow with our no licensing fee model which gives you an affordable system for your entire organization.

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What Customers Say

“The first thing that WOWed me was the professional training our team received. ResMan utilized latest techniques to help retain and use the information…in an organized, logical and memorable way. The made our team’s transition extremely smooth.”


Mary Gwyn, Chief Innovator

Apartment Dynamics

“We are early adopters of Shiftsuite and have never looked back. The applications are intuitive and comprehensive. The entire team is a pleasure to work with.”


Carmen Benoit, Director of Operations

GSA Property Management