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Data Analytics and Revenue Management
Get better data to help your business grow revenue with our data analytics and revenue management software. As a leader in the vacation industry, we are here to help your property management company flourish.

Benefits of Revenue Management Software

At Inhabit, we provide property managers with tools designed to support the vacation rental industry. Continue reading to discover the benefits of a data analytics and revenue management software.

Rental Insights

Rental Insights

Have access to endless guest and marketing data at your fingertips so you can easily access the information you need most.

Data Insights

Data Insights

Enjoy streamlined insights into numbers that matter the most. Utilize a wealth of data that outlines where you stand against the competition.

Work Order Tool

Work Order Tool

Boost efficiency with a work order tool that keeps your maintenance team on track. Spend less time searching for info and more time completing work orders.


Our Software Solutions

Inhabit is proud to offer data analytics and revenue management software for the vacation industry. Continue reading to discover our available solutions.

LSITools by Inhabit

Tools For The Vacation Industry


As a leader in vacation rental software, LSI Tools is proud to provide 22 customized tools to supplement your property management software. Constantly improving to stay ahead of the curve, LSI Tools helps property managers save hours of time with software that is customized to your company.

Revmax by Inhabit

Vacation Revenue Management Tool


A best-in-class Revenue Management software with multiple tools available to automate price adjustment so you can maximize the revenue of your vacation rental property. RevMax allows property managers more time to focus on other responsibilities while driving more profit simultaneously.

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